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Public Health Laboratory Program

Public health laboratory services are essential to the core functions of public health. These services include disease surveillance, diagnosis of new and recurring infectious and zoonotic diseases, environmental and vector testing, toxicology, and monitoring the safety of drinking water, recreational water, and food supplies. Public health laboratories serve as reference laboratories for private, commercial laboratories in their respective service areas. The laboratory response to bioterrorism surveillance programs such as Biowatch and Biosense is the responsibility of the public health Laboratory Response Network (LRN). This Network also responds to any bioterrorism threats or public health emergencies.

LFS manages two programs: Public Health Laboratories and Certified Public Health Microbiologists.

Contact Information

Laboratory Field Services - Public Health Laboratory Program
850 Marina Bay Parkway Bldg P, 1st Floor
Richmond, CA 94804-6403
(510) 620-3800
Public Health Laboratories: LFSpublichealthlab@cdph.ca.gov
Public Health Microbiologist: LFSphmicrobiologist@cdph.ca.gov
Public Health Laboratories
Certified Public Health Microbiologists
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