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California Safe Cosmetics Program 

The primary purpose of the California Safe Cosmetics Program (CSCP) is to collect information on hazardous and potentially hazardous ingredients in cosmetic products sold in California and to make this information available to the public.


Many different chemicals are used in making cosmetics.  Consumer and worker advocacy groups are concerned because some cosmetic products contain chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, or developmental birth defects, or damage to the reproductive system. Those who work with cosmetics - including barbers, hair stylists, and skin care, body care and nail salon workers - may be more vulnerable to the adverse health effects posed by these products because they handle greater quantities of cosmetics with greater frequency.

The Law

The California Safe Cosmetics Act (PDF)Opens in a new browser window  (“the Act”) was signed into law in 2005.  For all cosmetic products sold in California, the Act requires the manufacturer, packer, and/or distributor named on the product label to provide to the CSCP a list of all cosmetic products that contain any ingredients known or suspected to cause cancer or developmental or other reproductive harm.

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