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ARIES Forms  

Client Consent Forms

Before a client’s information can be entered into ARIES, the client must sign the ARIES Client Share/Non-Share Consent Form, and indicate whether the client wishes to be a share or non-share client by checking the appropriate box on the form.  All providers need to keep a signed consent form for all their ARIES clients, whether the client is shared with another agency or not.  Additionally, providers should have clients sign a new ARIES consent form every three years or whenever clients change their share status.  

The forms are available in both English and Spanish.

  • ARIES Client Share/Non-Share Consent Form (CDPH 8693) (PDF)Opens in a new browser window.
  • Formulario de Consentimiento del Cliente: ARIES Compartir/No Compartir (CDPH 8693) (PDF)Opens in a new browser window.
  • Some California counties have adopted a Local Share Mandate (LSM), requiring their clients to share their ARIES data. Providers located in San Bernardino/Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, San Mateo, or Santa Clara Counties should not use the ARIES Client Share/Non-Share Consent Form posted above. Instead providers should contact their county Administrative Agency (i.e., health department) to obtain a customized, county-specific consent form. These forms will have “LSM 8693 (7/10)” in the lower left-hand corner.

    Staff User Forms

    In order to allow an agency staff person access to ARIES, the supervisor and staff person must complete the ARIES User Registration Form.  The form is designed so the user can type in their information and then print it ready for signatures.  Once this form is completed, fax it to the appropriate agency listed in ARIES Policy Notice A1.

    Black bullet indicating a new row.ARIES User Registration Form (CDPH 8692) (PDF)Opens in a new browser window.Indicates updated version of the form.

    Also, be sure to indicate which of the ARIES applications the staff person will need access to:  ARIES Client (the primary application), ARIES Report/Export (a sophisticated ad-hoc reporting tool), or ARIES Import (to be used to import non-ARIES data into ARIES). 

    Most providers will need access to the ARIES client application.  If this application is checked, then the agency must determine the appropriate User Group Role for each staff person, and indicate this role on each User Registration Form.  It is the User Group Role and its associated permissions that determines what screens and data elements that user has authority to view, change, create, and deactivate.   

  • Data Collection Forms

    There are several data collection forms available for providers' use. The majority of forms mirror the tab structure in ARIES.  The forms are created in Word, so providers can download and make adjustments to the forms.  It is not required that providers use forms to enter data; users can enter the data directly into ARIES.  To receive a copy of the data collection forms, please contact the Office of AIDS at 916-449-5845 or e-mail Denise Absher at Denise.Absher@cdph.ca.gov.

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