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Bottled and Vended Water

Bottled water is water sold or distributed to consumers in sealed containers for drinking, culinary, or other purposes involving a likelihood of being ingested by humans. Bottled water must be bottled only at a licensed water bottling plant.

Vended water is water dispensed by a water vending machine, retail water facility (or store), water from a private water source, or water delivered by a water hauler for drinking, culinary, or other purposes involving a likelihood of being ingested by humans. Vended water does not include bottled water.

FDB issues specific licenses for a variety of water-processing activities including; 

Water bottling plant: a facility in which bottled water is produced.

Retail water facility: a facility where water is processed, sold, and placed into containers.  The water containers may be brought by the consumer or may be sold or given to consumers by the facility.

Potable water hauler:  a person who hauls water in bulk (capacities of 250 gallons of water or greater) where there is a likelihood that the water will be used for drinking, culinary or other purposes.

Water vending machine:  a water-connected vending machine designed to dispense drinking water.

Private water source operator:  a privately owned source of water that is used for bottled or vended water.

Bottled water distributor:  a person who is not an employee of a water bottling plant that delivers bottled water directly to customers. 

Water Bottlers, Haulers, Distributors, and Vendors are regulated by California Law and federal regulations.

For information about license applications and procedures contact the FDB Water Licensing Desk at (916) 650-6500.  Additional information regarding food safety may be found at the Food Safety Program page.

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