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                         Champions for Change Resources        

The CDPH SNAP-Ed State Media and Public Relations Unit supports Local Implementing Agencies to create innovative partnerships that empower low-income Californians to increase consumption and access to healthy foods and beverages, reduce consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages, and increase physical activity with the goal of preventing obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases.

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New Champions for Change Orientation Guide
Designed for Local Implementing Agencies (LIAs) and funded community partners to recruit and onboard future Champions for Change.

The Recruitment Training Guide is designed to help recruit and promote Champions for Change in their local communities. This guide covers the history and evolution of Champions for Change, types of partnerships and infrastructure needed to support and recruit,  tips on how to use various components of both guides, who should take this training and what you will need to conduct it.

The Orientation Guide will equip new Champions for Change with the information and resources needed to be effective agents of change in their counties. This guide covers the history of Champions for Change, who can be a Champion, general role and expectations, and an introduction to Champions for Change media messages and social media platforms.

Champion Alliance Program (CAP) Recruited Champions Are Ready to Serve Your Community! 
We're pleased to announce that our CAP partners have been working tirelessly to recruit 40 new Champions for Change throughout the state, and they have exceeded this target! We currently have trained Champions that are ready to connect with you that are willing, ready and able to help funded partners with community events and educational presentations. Our new Champions are very motivated and eager to work with you! 

If you're interested in working with one of these Champions, please click on the Champion Request link below, answer a few questions to request a Champion for your community. CAP is an initiative designed to help recruit new Champions for Change and promote SNAP-Ed messages. They are an establishment of community alliances with ethnically and geographically diverse organizations already working with a SNAP-Ed target. They will partner with funded partners to deliver SNAP-Ed in their surrounding communities.

2017 Champion Alliance Workshop (CAW)
This year our theme was "Celebrating Community Partnerships" on April 25 in Garden Grove, CA. at the Hyatt Regency Orange County. This event was attended by our funded partners and their Champions. All of the sessions were hands-on and participants engaged in light physical activity. The 2017 Workshop presentations and resources are available below.

Public Relations Communications Resource Library
One important way to achieve CDPH SNAP-Ed objectives is through the Champions for Change Program. This program is a social marketing campaign with thousands of Champions working together in a movement to fight for healthy changes in communities across California. Champions include physicians, mothers, fathers, grandparents, athletes, youth, pastors, farmers, partners and others who are vital to the statewide movement for healthy change and are committed to building healthier communities. The Champions for Change Program uses mass media campaigns, promotions, websites and Facebook to connect Champions with funded partners to work together in partnership to create healthier communities. Please visit our Communications Resource Library for Public Relations Materials link below for media and campaign  information and templates

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