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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs (CLPPPs)

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) provides services to the community for the purpose of increasing awareness regarding the hazards of lead exposure, reducing lead exposure and increasing the number of children assessed and appropriately blood tested for lead poisoning. The CLPPP program offers home visitation, environmental home inspections and nutritional assessments to families of children found to be severely lead-poisoned. The CLPPP provides telephone contacts and educational materials to families of lead-poisoned and lead exposed children. The CLPPP provides information and education to the general public, medical providers and community-based organizations.

CLPPP Services

Public Health Nurses:

  • Conduct home visits to children with very high blood lead levels.
  • Complete a child/family assessment (physical, psychosocial and environmental).
  • Identify and test for possible lead sources such as pottery and home remedies.
  • Provide health education, monitor lead levels, and encourage medical follow-up.
Registered Environmental Health Specialists:
  • Conduct environmental home inspections to children with very high blood lead levels.
  • Identify and test for possible lead sources such as paint, soil, and dust.
  • Provide recommendations to reduce contact with lead.
  • Followup to see that sources of lead are corrected.
Public Health Nutritionists:
  • Consult with doctors, nurses, and other professionals regarding nutritional status of lead poisoned children.
  • Provide nutritional assessments for children with very high blood lead levels - as needed.
Health Education Staff:
  • Provide information to families of children with moderately elevated blood lead levels regarding possible lead sources, nutrition, and blood lead testing recommendations.
  • Provide health education through presentations and health fairs to the general public, medical providers and community based organizations.
  • Work with families and healthcare providers 

A-Z Index (by City or County) of Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs


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