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The Maternal and Infant Health Assessment, or MIHA, is an annual, statewide-representative survey of women with a recent live birth in California.  MIHA collects self-reported information about maternal and infant experiences and about maternal attitudes and behaviors before, during and shortly after pregnancy.

MIHA Data Snapshots of Prenatal WIC Participants Now Available. Using 2013-2014 MIHA data, this report presents key indicators of maternal and infant health for women who participate in the California Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program during pregnancy. To view the report click on the "Presentations and Publications" tab below or here. 

Tdap and Influenza Immunization in Pregnant Women: 2015 Maternal and Infant Health Assessment Survey. In collaboration with the CDPH Immunization Branch, provisional 2015 MIHA data were used to create a fact sheet that describes the receipt of influenza and Tdap vaccinations during pregnancy.

2013-2014 MIHA Data Snapshots Now Available. Click on the "Data Snapshots" tab to view California statewide, county and regional Snapshots of maternal and infant health data.

MIHA Report, 2013-2014: Data from the Maternal and Infant Health Assessment (MIHA) Survey.
 The 2013-2014 MIHA Report includes all Data Snapshots and technical information in one document. To view the 2013-2014 MIHA Report click on the "Annual Reports" tab below.  

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MIHA Data Snapshots
MIHA Data Snapshots are data tables for multiple indicators at the statewide, county and MIHA regional levels. Select the “Annual Reports” tab above to find all Data Snapshots and technical information in one document. Data Snapshots are available by maternal characteristics such as race/ethnicity, income, prenatal health insurance, maternal age, and education. *County-level estimates by maternal characteristics are available for selected counties for 2010-2012.
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More information about indicators, methods and comparability across years is provided in the Technical Notes document on the Methods page.

View maps of MIHA counties and MIHA regions.

Contact MIHA at MIHA@cdph.ca.gov.

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