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Radiologic Technology (X-Ray) School Pass Rates

The Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) approves radiologic technology and limited permit X-ray technician schools across the state based on their ability to provide adequate instruction to prepare individuals to safely X-ray patients across the State of California. Part of the evaluation of these approved programs is reviewing the pass rates of their graduates on national and state licensure examinations. The trend in many industries is to supply the pass rate information for educational programs on the Internet; therefore, RHB is now publishing the annual pass rates for the California-approved programs of radiologic technology and limited permit X-ray technicians.

As you link to the document that contains these pass rates, please note that the programs are organized alphabetically by program type. The headings of the columns describe “# Tested” and ”% Passed.” The heading “# Tested” means the number of individuals that took the national or state licensure examination for each school between January 1st and December 31st of the reported year. The heading “% Passed” means the percent of those who took the test who received at least a passing score.

All pass rates are calculated based only on examinations that are taken for the first time by individuals for each school. Repeat attempts of an examination by individuals do not affect a school’s pass rate. Tests taken are the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) national examinations in Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography, and Bone Densitometry Operator as well as the California State examination in Fluoroscopy.

The yearly pass rate document published on the RHB website will be updated in the first quarter of each calendar year when reports are received from ARRT.

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